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John Lucchese Multipurpose Center2018-01-23T17:57:37-08:00

John Lucchese Multipurpose Center

John Lucchese CenterCompleted in 1990 and named after one of our wonderful Executive Directors, now deceased, this building is the cornerstone of our activities. More than 18,000 meals are prepared in our full commercial kitchen and served on tables for eight where campers and counselors eat family style, sharing food and practicing courtesy and good manners. Campers help with meal preparation, cooking, set-up of tables, serving of meals, clean up and dish washing.

Inside Mess HallIn addition to three fine meals a day, numerous activities from our daily morning “Moment to Own It”, talent shows, dances, parties and counselor inspired “Temple of Boom” fill the main room, the portable stages and our days and nights. In addition, the building is surrounded on three sides with large decks and ample outdoor seating that provide a lovely view from high in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Administrative offices, a counselor’s lounge, kitchen, camping and program supplies, and a large tool cage fill the full basement.



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