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Palacio de Pollo2018-01-23T17:57:34-08:00

Palacio de Pollo

The centerpiece of our animal assisted therapy program are our 20+ chickens which dutifully produce eggs for our kitchen (and neighbors) and provide wonderful companions to our campers. It is nestled at the edge of Bob’s Orchard and was built by him. Thanks, Bob!

21 Chickens – The Musical2016-07-18T09:39:56-07:00
Chicken Coop 62016-03-09T10:23:19-08:00
Chicken Coop 52016-03-09T10:22:02-08:00
Chicken Coop 42016-03-09T10:20:33-08:00
Chicken Coop 32016-03-09T10:19:38-08:00
Chicken Coop 22016-03-09T10:18:38-08:00
Chicken Coop2016-03-09T10:17:23-08:00
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