Full RFQ Here

Issued by: Camping Unlimited for the Developmentally Disabled(A California Charitable Corporation)

Due Date: October 15, 2022

Submittal Instructions: Please submit a PDF document by email to wildfirerecovery@campingunlimited.org with subject line “RFQ Disaster Consulting Services” no later than midnight Pacific time on October 15,2022.

Questions & Answers

For good order’s sake and in the interest of transparency and fairness to all, questions from prospective bidders are reproduced here with our answers.

Q: In determining your eligibility for Public Assistance, does / did FEMA consider you as providing “critical and essential services”?

A: No. We are a Private Nonprofit (PNP)

Q: What are the project types which have been obligated?

A: Most are capital projects: roads, buildings, infrastructure. Hazardous tree removal and lost contents are the only exceptions.

Q: Was your insurance payout a “limit loss”? Has it been paid?

A: Yes. Our insurer considered us as a “total loss” and paid the full amount of our coverage. Sadly, we were underinsured.

Q: Were you required to apply for an SBA Loan?

A: Yes. We applied and were declined.

Q: Have you received funds from FEMA yet?

A: Yes. About $250k received, representing A&E on obligated projects.

Q: Any Category Z payments?

A: No.

Q: Is there a deadline time and dates for questions to be submitted regarding the Disaster Consultant Services RFQ?

A: Questions should be submitted by COB October 10, 2022.

Q: What is the DBE/MWBE participation goal percentage for this project?

A: We have no preconceived goal. Our hope is to promote as much DBE/MWBE participation as possible.

Q: What is the contract length for this project?

A: Project length is unknown. We anticipate two years to complete permitting and another two to complete building, at a minimum. Since FEMA is a reimbursement process, our contract would continue.

Q: Do you require a Not to Exceed amount to be submitted as part of the cost proposal, or are positions and rates sufficient to meet the RFP requirements?

A: Position and Rates are sufficient.

Q: Can insurance terms/language/rates/premiums be negotiated at contract stage?

A: We look to bidder to have insurance against professional liability (Errors and Omissions). As specified in Form G to our RFQ, we will require professional liability insurance of $5 million with a deductible no greater than $25,000 and a coverage duration of not less than 10 years after completion of all services provided by Consultant. We do not require each of Consultant’s subcontractors to maintain professional liability insurance. Details can be negotiated at contract stage. However, the more left unresolved, the greater the bidder’s risk of losing the opportunity if agreement cannot be reached on insurance.