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Camping Unlimited is a non-profit organization providing children and adults with Special Needs a full program of recreation, education, fun and adventure. Our program encourages independence, nurtures responsibility,develops competence and builds lifelong friendships in a warm supportive atmosphere of planned permissiveness.

Alex and Elsie in Camp Krem T-shirtsOur Creed

  • To give exceptional people an opportunity to be themselves.
  • To create opportunities for campers to grow socially, emotionally, and intellectually by encouraging them to make their own decisions as to activity and interest.
  • To give campers an opportunity to make friends with persons outside their immediate circle.
  • To allow campers to get away from deadlines of learning and working programs of endless repetition which have chained their development to the limited confines of such programs.
  • To provide a warm, friendly atmosphere of planned permissiveness, where the growth of each individual involved is at his or her own rate, and is of the utmost importance.
  • To offer the campers a meaningful change of pace, which will allow them to find the level at which they function best.
  • To provide people with disabilities the opportunity to “unwind” and to have fun on their own, independent of confining pressures and arbitrarily-imposed standards.
  • To help participants develop a sense of self-esteem and belonging to a group which they can truly call their own.
  • Alex and ElsieTo open up to people with disabilities a totally new world of discoveries, adventures, and learning which they never suspected existed, and never would know, were it not for our type of program

– Alex A. Krem (May 16, 1957)

Our Goals

The goals of Camping Unlimited are to offer an experience that will:

  1. be safe and fun;
  2. encourage independence, decision making and the building of self-confidence;
  3. provide an environment that will aid and foster continuous growth;
  4. develop and continuously increase a sense of self-esteem and self-confidence.

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