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Sensory Tipi

Our Quiet Place in the Orchard

Camp Krem Peace Tent - Sensory Tipi

We have created a controlled multi-sensory environment (MSE) based on best practices of therapists for our campers who need a calm, tranquil environment.

We have found it most useful with campers with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other developmental disabilities who may be over-wrought by outside stimulation or at bed-time for those who find it difficult to settle down for the night.

Explore Different Senses

This soothing place in which a camper can explore stimuli to various senses, using lighting effects, color, sounds, music, scents, and a range of tactile stimuli in the gentle care of one of our senior counselors.

We have been delighted with our success, and campers typically become calm within minutes and are asleep shortly thereafter.

Importantly, we employ the same non-structured approach that marks our entire program, where the activity itself is entirely controlled by the camper himself/herself, rather than the counselor. Campers can focus on a single sense or choose a multisensory experience. This very factor of giving control to our camper is calming and reassuring. This non-structured approach enhances camper freedom and maximizes his or her comfort and pleasure, promotes relaxation and reduces anxiety and the need to shut out the outside world. Campers typically find the Tipi to be both comforting and fun.

Camp Krem Sensory Tipi
Sensory Tipi Benefits

 Benefits of Tipi Time

The process allows our campers to focus their attention, form intentions and engage in satisfying activities, thereby improving communication and well-being. It does not rely on verbal communication and is therefore especially effective for campers with profound autism who are normally difficult or impossible to reach.

Our Tipi has other benefits at bed-time, as it also allows other campers to go to sleep undisturbed by the occasional anxious and agitated camper who would otherwise be disruptive.

Located in sheltered Bob’s Orchard between our garden and Arts and Crafts Building, it is equipped with carpets and pillows of different materials, soft toys, interesting visual effects, essential oil diffuser for aromatherapy, and a range of well-chosen soothing music.

Camp Krem Sensory Tipi interior
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