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A Weekend of Fun – Highlands Park, Outdoor Camping, and the Santa Cruz Boardwalk!

special needs campers on field trip to the board walk - outdoor programs and camping for special needs children

The Best of What’s Around

Once campers were all picked up, we headed to nearby Highlands Park, in Ben Lomond. We took advantage of the amazing weather and broke out our frisbees and soccer balls! We also went down to the creek where Cory and Chuck took turns tossing a stick out into the water for Teddy to fetch (who says campers get to have all the fun?)

special needs and developmentally disabled camping trips camping with special needs and developmentally disabled

After hanging out at the creek, our campers got an urge to go swimming. So once we got back to camp we hit up our pool! It was just what our campers needed to beat the heat.

“This weekend was amazing!” – James


Too Many Cooks? No Way!

Summer may be over, but that didn’t keep us from firing up the BBQ and making a great dinner. Cory, a culinary student, assisted with dinner. Camp loves providing people like Cory with an environment where they can exercise and strengthen the skills they learn at school. 20140906_182609


Sleeping Under the Stars

There’s no better place to see the stars than at Camp Krem. We spent the night down in Outdoor Camp. After some camp songs and of course some smores, we passed out under a beautiful night sky.


Fun at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

imageIt’s hard not to have a great time at the boardwalk! Once we claimed a spot on the beach we set out to take advantage of everything there was to do. Rides were ridden, games were played, prizes were won, and food was eaten!

Milk Bottles Had No Idea What Hit ‘Em!

Chuck walked away with a handful of prizes thanks to his amazing throw!

By Sunday evening we successfully added another great weekend to our Year Round Respite Program! Campers and Staff alike had an amazing weekend. Join us for our next adventure!

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