In pursuit of Alex’s dream to bring the outdoor camping experience to people with developmental disabilities, Alex and Elsie recruited their friends. Once Alex found the property in Boulder Creek, HARTS was formed to help raise funds for the purchase of the property.

HARTS is an affiliate of Camping Unlimited, Inc., and has shared in the fundraising efforts of Camping Unlimited for over 55 years. Over the years there have been many different ways that HARTS has raised its funds for Camp Krem. In 2005, we kicked off an Annual Casino night, and that continues to this day as our primary fundraiser each year. In recent years we started an annual A’s game, to which we’ve sold from 90 – 150 tickets, preceded by a fun and tasty tailgate gathering.

The money raised by HARTS is solely used for improvements to the camp. Most recently we have helped fund a wheelchair ramp down to the fire pit, purchased new mattresses for the cabins, contributed to measures to prevent further soil erosion and general repairs. We successfully raise at least $10,000 each year to put toward such camp projects.

HARTS in the 1960s

HARTS Ladies in the 1960s
Standing (L to R): Myrna Owen, Nora Davidson, Mrs. George Enz, Theresa Hunt, Fran Samson, Maxine Vonnegut, Evelyn Nahm, Glenda Blair, Mrs. Harold Lind, Jeanne Serveau, Dottie Dodson
Seated (L to R): Cecile McClaren, Barbara Smith, Diane Martin, Lillian Paletta, Lorraine Rose, Beryl Kunzelman, Elsie Vassallo


Still faithful to the mission, after more than half a century.
Standing (L to R): Mary Brennan, Renee Bush, Barbara Doohan, Vickie Pilotti, Silvia Goble, Carol Dickson, Pat Payne, Diane Weaver, Linda Nissen, Cosette Cameron, JoAnn Cornelius Seated (L to R): Marilyn Porter, Nora Davidson, Christy Hamrick