Help Rebuild Camp Krem


Your generous donation will help the process of bringing Camp Krem back to life and allow us to continue serving our hundreds of campers and their families!

Not only will your donation support our rebuild from the wildfire, it will also allow us continue to provide our campers with connection and engagement through our online activities, while we are unable to gather in person. This is an isolating time, but with your help, we can continue to provide our campers with social club events, dance parties, craft sessions, cooking lessons and many more fun and interactive activities. Together, we can support our community during these trying times.

For 63 years, Camp Krem has been one of the only agencies in Santa Cruz County to provide year-round activities and recreational events for individuals of all ages and with a wide range of disabilities. Our hundreds of campers and their families are counting on us.

Support Camp Krem and allow us to continue serving our community.
Our campers are the why — YOU are the how!

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On behalf of the many families we serve, we thank you!

Camp Krem - Camping Unlimited

NB: We have been declared eligible for FEMA funding to assist in our recovery and rebuild effort, which will make an enormous difference if we are able to use it. However, FEMA funds only certain parts of the rebuild, as well as requiring us to pay a percentage of the full rebuild cost (matching FEMA funds). In preliminary work with FEMA we are already aware there will be numerous areas of Camp which will be deemed ‘ineligible’ and will be our sole responsibility to fund. In order to restore Camp completely, and to be able to serve our campers as soon as possible, we will still need to raise a lot of money. Therefore, our donations are restricted to FEMA ineligible costs or to provide the 25% match to FEMA eligible costs.

Like any non-profit, we would not be here without the generous support of our donors. We gratefully accept donations to defray the cost of operations or to create endowments. You can make monetary contributions through any of our secure links. Your credit card statement will reflect our business name “Camping Unlimited”.

We are an IRS approved 501(c)(3) charity. As a result, your donations of money or goods are tax deductible. EIN 94-6104601