Camp Krem Yosemite is located in the beautiful gold country less than an hour from Yosemite National Park. The property has 17 cabins (10 of which are air conditioned with hot water, toilets, and showers!), a big lodge, dining hall, health center, basketball court, sports field, barn with corral and riding arena, archery range, little lake, and so much more! We are still working to make Camp Krem Yosemite our home and hope to continue to develop the facilities for more accessibility and fun! Check out our facilities below to learn more.

Amphitheatre & Campfire

Our amphitheatre and campfire space allows us to come together to celebrate one another. In this space, we welcome and say goodbye to each other with our Opening and Closing Campfires, enjoy our Talent Shows, Temple of Boom, and more!

Arts & Crafts

Our Arts & Crafts building is one of the most popular spaces for campers to visit during Summer Camp to color, create fun crafts, write letters, and much more. Featuring our very own hand-print tree mural created our first summer at Camp Krem Yosemite in 2022, we are still working to make the Arts & Crafts building reflect who we are.

Barn & Animal Pens

Our Barn & Animal Pens are home to our three goats, Billy, Mac, and Poe, as well as our two pigs, Ham Solo and Princess Leia. Our animal friends provide a sense of comfort and therapy as they welcome pets all day long. One of our favorite times of the day include feeding our pigs and goats and putting them to bed at the end of the day. We are still hoping to repair our barn to welcome more furry friends and hopefully put the horse riding corral to use in the coming years!

Basketball Court

Our Basketball court welcomes basketball players and fans alike! While we are still working on our Camp Krem team name, we continue to enjoy basketball games, Halftime shows, and more in the space.

Cabin Village

Our Cabin Village contains 17 cabins, with 10 cabins providing air conditioning, hot water, toilets, and showers! This is a cozy space for campers to relax in their cabins or hangout outside on their porches.

Dining Hall

Our Dining Hall is another main hub for eating as well as activities including Year-Round Respite dances, talent shows, karaoke, art and crafts, and more. Our Dining Hall features a colorful mural commissioned by Camp Pacifica and completed by local artists. Along with the mural, there is a fireplace to keep warm and two outdoor dining spaces including a back patio and a courtyard that is frequented over the summer and year-round.


Our Meadow is a large beautiful space surrounded by trees and one of the first spaces that welcomes you to Camp Krem Yosemite. Our Meadow features an ADA accessible swing and typically hosts fun events like our “Moment to Own It”, International Day, Camp Krem Fair, and much more. Whether we are relaxing in the shade or having fun with our friends, the Meadow is a pinnacle of Camp Krem Yosemite.


Although we are currently working to expand our Playground, the swings at our Playground still offer friends so much fun and sensory comfort. With nine swings at our Playground, this space gives us the opportunity to be with one another or get some quiet alone time.

Sports Field

Our Sports Field is a large grassy space big enough for all sorts of games including a game of baseball, soccer, football, etc. We want to develop this space more and can hopefully develop the space for optimal play.

Swimming Pool

Our Swimming Pool at Camp Krem Yosemite is ready for fun in the sun and is used every day during Summer Camp. We have certified lifeguards on our staff to ensure the safety of our campers and pool time is always a great way to have fun and cool off on hot days! As well as being used for daily swim sessions, it’s frequently integrated into our programming with activities such as an evening luau, “Camp Krem Olympic Trials”, and more! Our Swimming Pool also features a large patio with lawn chairs and spaces to relax under the sun. With features including bathrooms for campers, outdoor showers, and even a Snack Shack space to cool off and rest on hammocks.

Facility Rental

Camp Krem Yosemite is available to rent on weekdays and weekends when our campers are not here and typically between the months of late August to early May.

To inquire about renting the facilities, please email: To be able to provide you with a quote, please include the date(s) of rental, the size of the party, and which facilities you are hoping to occupy.