What are our amazing past & present staff saying about Camp Krem?

Over our 65+ years of serving the developmentally disabled community, we’ve had the pleasure of working with a variety of amazing counselors, volunteers, board members, local community members and more! It’s this community that makes Camp Krem so special! Many of our counselors go on to careers in special needs education and related fields. Here are some testimonials that shine a light on the positive impact that Camp Krem makes on the lives of so many. Submit your own testimonial here.

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General feelings about Camp Krem

The love we have for our campers

Friends for life

International staff

“My daughter was a counselor for a few summers and is now a severe special needs teacher.

I won’t be able to express this eloquently, but the camp showed her how important it is to challenge every single person to live their best life. She saw campers in their fifties who were never limited by their disability and were thriving. She developed an appreciation for making sure that if someone was capable of something she made sure to develop that capability.

Many times parents can be difficult for teachers but that’s not the case with her. We’ve been out shopping or in a different city eating and parents run up to her and thank her. Even some of the typically non verbal past students say her name when they see her. You and the staff provided this incredible experience for her. I’m forever thankful.”