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Year Round 2024

We provide respite care with weekend, and longer, events throughout the year. All of our Year-Round Program Events are exciting and enriching opportunities for campers and staff alike to experience the great outdoors with their friends, as well as enjoy the many beautiful parks & attractions of California and beyond!

Whether we are spending the weekend having fun at Camp Krem, or out and about on a trip, we focus on fun, community integration, education, and building independence and daily living skills.

During our overnights at Camp Krem Yosemite, activities include swimming, music, dance & movement, hiking, nature walks, stargazing, arts and crafts, themed events, movie nights, talent shows, games, animal care, gardening, cooking and baking, and more!

Travel Trips:

We also offer longer travel trips several times each year, including a Spring Break trip and a winter snow trip. Past destinations included Mexico, Hawaii, San Diego, Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, Disneyland, Lake Tahoe, Apple Hill, and Yosemite.
*Additional fees apply.

Day Trip Program has resumed!

Past day trips have included: sports games and events, concerts and music festivals, ice skating, movies, bowling, Disney on Ice, House of Air, the Exploratorium, California Academy of Sciences, the Monterey Bay Aquarium, pumpkin patches, museums, live theater and much more! Check out our “Schedule” to learn more about the day trips offered!

Year-Round Program Pricing

1:3 Supervision Ratio
3-Day Overnight = $708.21

1:1 Supervision Ratio
3-Day Overnight = $1805.88


We offer bus transportation to and from Camp Krem Yosemite, from Pleasanton, for parents/guardians who do not wish to drive their camper to Camp Krem Yosemite. There is a transportation fee of $152.73 each way ($305.46 round-trip).

Camp Krem is vendored with the Regional Center system as an Out of Home Respite provider. If you qualify for OHR services, contact your Case Manager regarding Camp Krem events.

Regional Center Clients: If you are a Regional Center client with approved Out of Home Respite services, the Regional Center may pay the majority of Camp fees (up to $236.07/day for 1:3 supervision, up to $601/day for 1:1 supervision), as determined by CA DDS and the vendoring Regional Center.

If your Camp Krem event is funded by your Regional Center, you will only be charged a “Parent Share of Cost” for the enhanced experience (additional services and supplemental activities, above and beyond basic respite services).

Cancellation Policy:

Once your camper’s enrollment has been confirmed, you will have five days to notify us if you no longer wish for them to participate, without incurring a fee. Cancellations after that point will incur a fee of $250 for 1:1 supervision, and $150 for 1:3 supervision. Please see the COVID-19 exception to this policy, below.

COVID-19 Exception:
If your camper tests positive for or exhibits symptoms of COVID-19, or comes into contact with somebody who has tested positive, within ten days of their camp session, they will not be able to come to Camp. In this case, we will waive the cancellation fee and issue you a full refund, or work with you on getting your camper into a different camp session.

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