There are many ways to donate your time a skills! We serve hundreds of children and adults each year, and are in need of many skills. As a result, we can probably find a job that is important to us and would be fulfilling to you.
Please e-mail us at to find out more information. We could specifically use your help in the following:

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Summer Camp Volunteers

Our 10 week summer camp in Boulder Creek serves over 100 children and adults a year. We maintain a ratio of one Counselor for every three campers and also provide one-to-one care as needed. We are always seeking mature people with experience in camping, backpacking, orienteering, archery, rock-climbing, challenge courses, kayaking, canoeing, river rafting, SCUBA and snorkel diving, music and song, dance, theater, arts and crafts, gardening, car-camping and team sports would be welcome for a day, a week, a month or the summer. Click here for more information about our Summer Camp Program


Weekend Trip Volunteers

We have weekend trips almost every weekend throughout the year. Our adventures include two or three day camping trips as well as day trips to the zoo, ball games, parks, concerts and many other fun and educational activities. Click here for more information about our Year-round Program.

Skilled Trades

With almost 20 buildings to maintain and a dynamic development program, we can always use the help of skilled contractors, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, painters, tilers, pavers, earthmovers, foresters and other skilled and semi-skilled experts. We also have the regular need for unskilled workers for many important jobs.

“Meeting amazing campers changed my whole perspective on life.” – Margarita C.


Our board of directors maintains a number of vital committees that move our program forward. Each can use professional assistance:

  • Fundraising Committee can use help in many areas, from online research to grant and letter writing.
  • Marketing Committee can use volunteers experienced in public relations, marketing, advertising, Google Adword management, and related activities.
  • Finance Committee needs accounting, finance, audit and banking skills.
  • Surveyor. We would like to do a survey of our almost 100 acres so we can develop trails and remote campgrounds.
  • Grounds and Building Committee needs support as it prepares our future Capital Budget and develops maintenance plans. Contractors, estimators, architects, designers and others in the building trades could be of great assistance.
  • Administration. We can always use capable office managers and business administration executives.

“I love the sense of community that resonates here. Working with the campers is an amazing thing.” – Jessie G.

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Application Process

Volunteering for Camping Unlimited’s Summer and Year-round Programs offer great rewards, but assisting and guiding children and adults with disabilities is challenging work. Under the supervision of our program directors, volunteers monitor the safety of our campers and help them with personal care. Camping Unlimited is entrusted with the care of children, therefore all volunteers interested in interacting with our campers must submit to a criminal background check.

Please fill out the form below to request an application. We look forward to hearing from you!

“My favorite thing about Camp Krem is seeing campers step out of their comfort zone and have fun.” – Yvette G.