Sharing Together – Rising Together

Anna, a former counselor at Camp Krem, shares how her experience on the hill has significantly informed her work as a NICU nurse.

Kelly shares the significance of Camp to him.

Robbie and his mom, Beth, share what Robbie loves about Camp!

Jenny shares what Camp means to her as a former counselor.

Alec and his parents share why Camp Krem is important to them.

Enjoy some of our campers showing off their talents for our 2021 Virtual Talent Show!

Happy Campers

Have you signed up for our Fall 2022 Year-Round Respite weekends? :)

Welcome to Camp Krem

Good morning, Camp Krem

Music, Music, Music

I’ve got a Good Feeling

I’m Happy

I’ve Got This Feeling

The Daily Kremlin

The Time of Your Life

Outdoor Adventure Camp

Introduction to Camp Krem

Camp Krem Music Program

Are You Ready?

Travel Camp – When Main Camp is Not Enough

Dancing makes us happy