Owner’s Representative Inquiries

Camping Unlimited has been determined eligible for FEMA Public Assistance funding for both emergency and restoration work.  It now seeks a qualified Owner’s Representative with experience in managing FEMA funded post-fire response and restoration efforts.

Questions and Responses:

  1. What is the duration?:
    The FEMA funded disaster recovery process is expected to take years. A similar property in a 2017 Fire is just beginning its rebuilding.  It is common for the grants funding restoration work to remain open for two years or more after final claims are submitted upon completion of work.  The process can remain open even longer if the DHS Office of Inspector General chooses to audit.  Federal record retention requirement is for three (3) years after grant or audit closure whichever is later.  Please review #10 in our solicitation.
  2. Contract Value:
    CU’s intent is to restore its campus and service capabilities in compliance with all applicable codes and standards inclusive of federally imposed environmental clearance costs; with “406” mitigation.  Full campus cost restoration cannot yet be determined.  The Owner’s Representative is expected to assist with project design and completion.  CU is not required to construct the projects with  the same materials and methods as original construction.  Value engineering and least cost recommendations are expect.  Please review #8 in our solicitation.
  3. What is the start date?:
    CU is engaged with Cal OES and FEMA defining the value of losses and preliminary restoration scopes of work.  Owner’s representative needs to join  the CU Recovery Term in the near term to assist with this effort.  Physical restoration work start date is controlled by the requirements of FEMA.  FEMA project approval and obligation must occur before start of physical restoration work and cannot be determined at this time.
  4. Is the request for a single person or multiple people to assist Camp Krem?
    There is no requirement for this Owner’s Representative position. Duties may be fulfilled by either an individual having all the required background and skill set, or by a group.
  5. Can you please clarify whether there is a preferred template for the cost proposal, or is a standard rate sheet for all proposed personnel acceptable?
    The offeror’s standard rate sheet is acceptable. (Company information will not be posted – the Recovery Team will keep that information for its consideration only).
  6. Can you please clarify if there is a standard template you use for terms and conditions, or is a statement confirming our intent to perform the outlined scope of work as solicited acceptable?
    As indicated the Scope of Works is in process with Cal OES & FEMA. The solicitation identifies anticipated capabilities and skill sets.  Our list is subject to modification.  Offeror should indicate its organizational capabilities and those capabilities it will solicit others to perform.  All solicitations must meet federal procurement requirements and are subject to cost negotiation to meet FEMA’s reasonableness requirements.  (Company information will not be posted – The Recovery team will keep that information for its considerations only.)
  7. Is there a minimum or maximum number of references accepted? For example, would three references score as highly as five, or is there a heavier weight carried for this criteria if more are provided?
    There is no minimum or maximum number of references. Points will be scored on the quality of the references and the relevance of the past experience to the current job. To the extent that sub-contractors may be included in bids, the same procedure will apply.

Summer Job Opportunities!

If you are looking for an amazing summer job working with people with developmental disabilities, Camp Krem might be for you! Gain hands-on experience in the fields of Special Education, Healthcare, Human Services and Recreation.

*You must be 18 years of age, at the time of employment, to work at Camp Krem.  Under 18? See CIT Program.


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If you have any questions about the application process, email the Camp Directors at campkrem@campingunlimited.org