What are parents and guardians saying about Camp Krem?

Over our 50+ years of serving the developmentally disabled community, we’ve had the pleasure of serving a variety of campers and families from across California and even the nation! Our Mission is to provide relief from the daily demands of care and supervision, while fostering independence, nurturing responsibility, developing competence, and building lifelong friendships. We are so grateful we have been entrusted with caring for our campers. Here are some testimonials that shine a light on the positive impact that Camp Krem makes on the lives of so many. Submit your own testimonial here.

My son, Daniel, has enjoyed Camp Krem’s rich programs for almost a decade, and has benefited from it in terms of joy, friendship, independence and good memories – as have all of us in Daniel’s family.

This Summer, Daniel has been fortunate to attend Camp Krem’s new location for several sessions. It is my belief that many other people with special needs – both children and adults – have benefited from Camp Krem as “a place for exceptional people to be themselves – since 1957”.

Daniel relishes the opportunity to learn and grow with his peers away from home. He loves sleeping outside in a cot next to the cabins, awakening to the sunrise each morning – appreciating the beauty of nature and welcoming the positive 60’s music that starts the day; he delights singing and preforming theater, creating arts and crafts and swimming in the sun.

Camp Krem is an experience Daniel looks forward to all year long, with ‘bated anticipation. Upon dropping Daniel off this last time, with love in his heart and a big smile on his face – he turned to me and said, “you can go now, Dad”. As parent, words do not adequately describe the happiness and peace of mind, knowing my son is having the time of his life in a safe and nurturing environment.
– Dyer Stickney, July 27, 2023

Dyer Stickney

This was the first time ever that Tommy has gone to sleep-away camp. When we arrived at Camp, he looked around and then his face lit up and he was ecstatic! Just glowing with happiness and joy. His twin sister kept saying that she had never seen him so happy in his life (and she’s known him the entire time!). It just gives me goose bumps to think about it. What an amazing gift your camp gives to both the camper and his parents. Getting to have a few days off from the usual routine is wonderful for us, but knowing that he is so happy just makes it all so incredible and truly exceptional in our world. It was amazing for all of us! Tommy had what appeared to be the time of his life.

I ran into an acquaintance a few days after my son returned from Camp Krem and she asked what was up. She knows Tom well. I showed her pictures I got off Facebook of Tom at camp and it literally brought tears to her eyes.

Susan Riggle

Cory has been going to camp now for over 15 years, and he is the happiest person on earth when he goes to Travel Camp or to day trips on the Year-Round Program.  He has found his “tribe”!  Many of our kids are socially inept or are very shy.  Cory came out of his shell several years ago after attending camp and I wouldn’t change him for anything in this world.  I thank all the counselors that have shown him patience, love and respect.

Helen Patek-Deringer

We just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for all of your and your colleagues support, care and engagement with AJ during his stay. This was one BIG win for us – never before has AJ been away for 1 night – let alone 4. We are all encouraged and rejuvenated as a result of the wonderful Camp Krem.

Steve Prutsman

I just wanted to express our utmost appreciation for the amazing camp experience Brett had last week! He thoroughly enjoyed being so adventurous! How lucky we were to have Jessica, Alli and Evan as his counselors. What a terrific, upbeat and positive group of kids! I think it’s so great that these “typical” kids want to and seem to enjoy spending time with our “special” kids!

You have a terrific operation and we feel so, so fortunate that Brett was able to have a very positive experience at Camp Krem. He is looking forward to coming back and spending an even longer amount of time up there!
Thanks to all of you who worked to make this possible for us.

Joanne W

I can’t tell you what it meant for me to be able to bring my daughter Sam to Camp Krem. She had so much fun! Everyone was fantastic and helpful when we arrived, and Sam was positively giddy when I picked her up. This was a real milestone for us, and it has given me huge relief.

Thank you so much to each and every one of you, for taking such good care of Sam, and showing her such a good time. We will definitely be back next year!

Lisa W.

Erik loves Camp Krem/Camping Unlimited – his friends and teachers there, his field trips and summer camps; for that we are eternally grateful to you and your vision and your teachers, who give so much to our kids.

Bozena and Craig M. (parents of a 15 year old boy)

My son speaks so highly of Camp Krem and of your staff.  Thanks for providing a wonderful experience for my son and others who would not otherwise have the opportunity to socialize and experience new adventures!

Pam K. (mother of a 22 year old young man)

My son Zane is profoundly disabled and deaf. Zane cannot walk, is not toilet trained, and must be fedusing a gastroenteral feeding tube. Because of all of his needs, we never imagined that we would find a place we would be comfortable leaving him for the night – let alone for 5 or 6 nights!

Thus, until we learned about Camp Krem when Zane was 11, he had never slept over at another child’s house or even spent the night away from his parents. But Camp Krem gives Zane – and us — what we never thought we would find: a chance for him to socialize and enjoy life with a community of loving and friendly campers and counselors on his own without his parents. We were shocked when we first visited the camp to find counselors who were comfortable and skilled with all the areas of care that Zane requires, in addition to on-site nurses to take care of any surprise issues.

Since that day, Zane has spent a week at camp every summer for 3 summers, and has attended numerous day trips and overnight weekend trips during the year. He loves going to camp. And for us, the idea that our child can gain some independence and find a community of friends outside his family and caregivers – just like a typical 14-year- old boy – is absolutely priceless.

Dan R.

Hi Camp Krem Team,

I am Dorothy Andrews the mother of Michael Andrews. He is 17 years old. He attended Main Camp this past June. One of his camp counselors Enrique. He is great. He sent me pictures on my birthday of Michael and that made my day to see him so happy, enjoying music. This was Michael’s very first time EVER being away from us outside of school. He had a wonderful time. The staff could not believe this was his very first away from us. His 1st camp experience. Thank you.

We are looking forward to him attending year around programs. What really help me was the opportunity came up for a day program in April 2014. Michael went for the day. He came back happy, neat and clean. I was so impressed. The staff gave us wonderful feedback. Also, May 2014 New Families Orientation. I was sold. I was teary on the drive up to drop Michael off at camp but I was okay. I wish I didn’t wait so long. But I am glad we are here now.

One thing that stood out about Michael returning from camp was he became very patient waiting for food. HUGE! Thank you again.

Dorothy A.

My Son Oscar aged 13 attended Camp Krem this Summer. It was his first time away from home and the best decision we have ever made. He just thrived at Camp Krem, his self-esteem has increased enormously, his independence improved and his interactions with others is hugely improved. The first session went so well we immediately signed him up for another session. There is a very high Staff-Camper ratio and the staff are just wonderful with real insight and were on top of things immediately….I would highly recommend this camp to any parent of a special needs child….we will be back.

Oscar has been with us every summer since then and grown in independence, confidence, happiness and helpfulness.

Margaret K.

Dear Board of Directors,

Our daughter Sarah had another wonderful and exciting 10 days at Camp Krem (Session 3) this summer. Her counselors were very professional, friendly, courteous and helpful. They said Sarah enjoyed all the camp activities, especially swimming, arts and crafts, dances and campfires.

We look forward to sending Sarah to 2014 summer camp at Camp Krem. Again we want to thank you and your staff for a great session enjoyed by our daughter.

Gary and Carol B.


Thank you so much! Adam’s Camp experience is the highlight of his year. He always asks, “When am I going back to Camp Krem”?  He can’t wait!! It’s great for both him and us.

Michael C.

Hi everyone,

I can’t tell you what it meant for me to be able to bring my daughter Sam to Camp Krem. She’s the most wonderful child in the world, and I’ve been privileged to be her parent. But it has also been a very difficult, exhausting road, and I hadn’t had a real break in over eight years. But most important, Sam had so much fun! Everyone was fantastic and helpful when we arrived, and Sam was positively giddy when I picked her up. This was a real milestone for us, and it has given me huge relief.

I was sort of delirious when I picked her up and dropped her off, and I’m so sorry I don’t remember the names of all her wonderful counselors and staff. But thank you so much to each and every one of you, for taking such good care of Sam, and showing her such a good time. (Melissa sent fantastic pictures to Sam’s dad, Steve, which we love.)

We will definitely be back next year!

Lisa W.

Dear Gail and Christina,

Thank you so much for all that you do for James and the rest of the Camp Krem campers. You will never know just how big a difference you have made in James, Sandra and my life. James came back from camp last weekend (as he always does) very very happy, full of energy and looking great! (And whoever has the onerous task of attempting to clean his teeth, they do an incredible job!)

Please pass on our warmest and sincerest regards and thank you, to everyone involved in your incredible organization. You and they, all rock!

Mel, Sandra and James D.

I read about your origins on the website and for the first time last summer, my 15 year old daughter attended Camp Krem and loved it. She’ll be back this summer! Organizations that highlight the “abilities” of those with disabilities is where our family and daughter find the most joy.

Madeline F.

Our daughter, Elise, has really enjoyed her summer camp experiences at Camp Krem! We hope that our donation can help to make the camp experience enjoyable for other kids and adults with developmental disabilities.

Diane & Steve C.

Dear Camping Unlimited,

My daughter Allison was at Camp Krem many summers over the past years and we appreciate it! Hope you are having a good season.

Kenneth T.

Good Morning,

I just wanted to express our utmost appreciation for the amazing camp experience Brett had last week! He thoroughly enjoyed himself and was pleased as punch that because he ate so many different foods he earned $50.00 from me for being so adventurous!  I’d like to also say how lucky we were to have Jessica, Aly and Evan as his counselors. What a terrific, upbeat and positive group of kids! I think it’s so great that these “typical” kids want to and seem to enjoy spending time with our “special” kids!

You have a terrific operation and we feel so, so fortunate that Brett was able to have a very positive experience at Camp Krem and is looking forward to coming back and spending an even longer amount of time up there!

Thanks to all of you who worked to make this possible for us.

Joanne W.

Dear Camp Krem:

I just wanted to thank you for all the effort and time the staff invest in these challenging diagnosis.(sic) It has been a few years now at camp krem so it is improving over time as far as the difficult understanding of Prader Willi Syndrome.

Lance was only up two pounds and since returning home we have been walking each day and trying to shed off the vacation weight.  We all gain a few pounds while vacationing….but it is my goal to see nutrition being a high priority at all camps and day programs for this population. This is the first year that we did not receive a phone call due to behavior or a visit to the doctor.  I felt the most relaxed and truly did have a nice respite experience. Lance will be thrilled to read this letter to his dad today. Again thank you so much for the ‘holy’ work you do! We will return again next year.

Cherie S.

Julia has had wonderful experiences at Camp Krem and we see significant growth every time she returns.

Stephen and Barbara W.

What did your camper enjoy about camp?

Steen always looks forward to all aspects of camp. He comes back excited and wanting to go the next year. We appreciate the extra help he received this year.

She loved the pool; she loved being with Christina. She keeps saying she wants to go back.

He loves everything about camp. So glad it has opened up again. Loves being with the counselors.

Being able to be himself! Also, the music and singing.

All the music and dancing. Fun in the pool. The kind and fun counselors that kept it hype! He also liked the arts and crafts.

He really enjoyed the games, especially the Super Hero game; he also enjoyed the talent show and was very impressed with the masks that were made, he said the lady that made them was a genius.

He loved campfire, dress up, music, basketball, arts and crafts and swimming everyday. He also loved the dancing and talent show. He loved meeting new friends.

I can’t list 1. He talked non-stop all the way home. The campfire, the scavenger hunt, the basketball tournament, the talent show, etc, etc, etc.

How do you feel about the quality of the programs offered at camp?

Camp Krem has the best programs of any camp I’ve seen for adults with special needs. All the staff are extremely well trained and especially attentive for all campers’ needs.

A 10! I am very impressed by this camp. Seeing the smiles and fun on Facebook gave me such joy. And many thanks to everyone involved!! Everyone looked like they were having a blast.

I feel Camp Krem has very high standards.

High quality! He loves being at camp. I don’t even know much about the ins and outs of every day, but I don’t need to. All I know is that Donovan is happy to be there, and that’s high praise!

Annabelle really enjoyed the camp programs. We got to see her on the camp’s Instagram posts and she was always having a fun time.

The best, I so appreciate all of the councilors and staff. Thank you all for your hard work.

Variety, fun, inclusive.

Excellent! It looks like they had a blast from the videos and photos they posted.

Did Camp Krem meet your and your camper’s expectations?

It did. He always comes back excited and had no negative comments.

Absolutely met our needs. Adam had such a good time and already is talking about going back again next year.

Yes – really enjoyed the staff counselors, the activities, the food and the overall environment.

Yes. So happy for her to attend. She loves it!

Most definitely, all he talks about is going back in August.

Absolutely! Jon has only gone on travel camps for the last several years so I wasn’t sure how he would do at camp but he loved it.

Polina said she liked it and she missed it after she was home for a couple of days.

Yes, always. Especially during this challenging times w/ COVID, loved everyone was tested even on arrival and we knew he was safe. He was out in nature and able to swim daily. And also his counselors ensuring that he participated in all activities. I also appreciated the photos and videos as they gave us a picture into his day and how and what he was doing and how much he was enjoying camp.

Yes Mike was so happy to go to camp again. He enjoyed hiking basketball camp fire dancing etc. In the pictures it looked like everyone was having a great time.

Yes. Matt loves going to Camp Krem!

Camp Krem is above and beyond expectations. Everyone works very hard and are extremely gracious.

Additional Comments

Thank you for providing such a wonderful experience for Steven.

I’m so sorry you had to deal with Covid, but you did it well. You didn’t panic, nor did you scare us. You were practical and careful.

Ben can’t wait until 2023 summer!

I’m just SO happy y’all are back in person this year!! From the photos and Donovan’s reports, it’s clear that in its new location, Camp Krem is still its wonderful self! Also, with regard to the below questions about how camp changed him. It’s hard to say because he’s already back at camp for the next session, so I only had a couple days with him. But I would say that the way that camp helps Donovan is that he becomes more willing to persist through interpersonal challenges (meeting people has never been a problem, but building/maintaining relationship has) and through activities that aren’t going his way.

When Annabelle came home from camp she was immediately asking when she’d be able to go again.

Just a great thing and happy people like Brianna can attend again.

Congratulations on getting the new site! Thank you for rising from the ashes and giving the kids another wonderful camp experience.

Our family loved being able to see all of the pictures and videos taken while Jon was at camp, that was outstanding. Jon was very impressed with the new camp.

We very much appreciate everything you do!! it was so fun to arrive and have everyone cheering for the campers. What a positive experience!!

Thank you for getting camp going again !!!

You did a wonderful job of pulling this camp together this year and made a lot of happy campers!