After having most of our Camp Krem Boulder Creek space destroyed in the 2020 CZU Fires, we are working hard to rebuild the space. We have no intention of abandoning the rebuild in Boulder Creek and acknowledge that this rebuild could take years. We do not want our campers and their families to have to wait that long so, Camp Krem Yosemite allows us to continue our Year-Round Respite Program and Summer Camp Programs, including Main Camp and Travel Camp.

The future for our organization looks bright, as this means that someday, we may have two programs operating simultaneously. Check out the Facilities we enjoyed at Camp Krem Boulder Creek below.

Swimming Pool

Our 95,000 gallon, wheelchair accessible pool with a ramp, is used daily during Summer Camp and throughout the year on our respite weekends. We have certified lifeguards on our staff to ensure the safety of our campers and pool time is always a great way to have fun and cool off on hot days!

As well as being used for daily swim sessions, it’s frequently integrated into our programming with activities such as an evening luau, “Camp Krem Olympic Trials”, boat races and more!

Thanks to the generosity of the Raab Foundation, HARTS, and others, we have just installed a solar thermal system. In summer, our pool will now be heated to 85 degrees, as recommended by the American Red Cross. This will make for more enjoyable swim sessions, especially for our older campers. We can expect to make better use of the pool in spring and fall as well.

To make our pool deck friendlier, we have installed more than 2,000 square feet of paving stones, with help from CalStone in Saratoga. This improvement will make sunbathing more enjoyable and reduce the amount of sand and weeds that enter the pool and our pumps. This improvement, plus many rainbow colored umbrellas, lounge chairs and water toys will make our swimming pool the center of our recreational activities.

In addition to water games and sports, we also provide swim lessons to campers wanting to improve their swimming abilities.

John Lucchese Multipurpose Center

Completed in 1990 and named after one of our wonderful Executive Directors, now deceased, this building is the cornerstone of our activities. More than 18,000 meals are prepared in our full commercial kitchen and served on tables for eight where campers and counselors eat family style, sharing food and practicing courtesy and good manners. Campers help with meal preparation, cooking, set-up of tables, serving of meals, clean up and dish washing.

In addition to three fine meals a day, numerous activities from our daily morning “Moment to Own It”, talent shows, dances, parties and counselor inspired “Temple of Boom” fill the main room, the portable stages and our days and nights. In addition, the building is surrounded on three sides with large decks and ample outdoor seating that provide a lovely view from high in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Administrative offices, a counselor’s lounge, kitchen, camping and program supplies, and a large tool cage fill the full basement.

Richard Bohn Arts & Crafts Building

Our oldest and once “onlyest” building at camp was constructed in the early 1970’s and is named after the architect who designed our John Luchesse multipurpose building.

It once served as our dining hall, kitchen and multipurpose building. Its large deck faces east over the Boulder Creek valley and magnificent mountains beyond.

It now accommodates our vigorous arts and crafts program throughout the summer. In winter, its wood burning stove makes the place warm and inviting for weekend camping trips and visitors.

Amphitheater & Campfire Area

Each session begins and ends with a campfire, where each cabin-group presents entertainment to campers, counselors and staff. These fun events include skits, familiar “sing-along” song and dance acts and more. Virtually every camper participates and has the great pleasure of being recognized and honored by the entire group. Often, outside musicians entertain there. Camp Krem often hosts music events which typically center around the amphitheater.

Music Pavilion

Thanks to the generosity of the Escher family, we now have a dedicated music pavilion in which our music therapy program meets several times a day. Our program was developed with the assistance of Professor Petra Kern, initiated by her student and now in the hands of other certified music therapists. We have done some gratifying research demonstrating the benefits of this program to our campers.

Terry Hunt Bell Tower

Named after one of the many wonderful ladies of HARTS, our bell tower is a focal point of Main Camp gatherings. Its sonorous bell announces wake up and meals, and its four drinking fountains offer cool mountain water to the many campers who gather there in the shade.

Bob’s Orchard

Bob Mason, one of our most wonderful neighbors began to plant fruit trees in a small meadow between our main buildings. We now have apples, persimmons, plums, peaches and nectarines. Figs and nuts will be next.

Palacio de Pollo

The centerpiece of our animal care program are our  chickens which dutifully produce eggs and provide wonderful companions to our campers. It is nestled at the edge of Bob’s Orchard and was built by him. Thanks, Bob!


Our raised bed garden provides fruit and vegetables to our kitchen, and teaches interested campers about the cycle of life, from seedling, to blossom, to fruit, vegetable or seed. It is a foundational feature of our horticultural program.

Sensory Space

Our Quiet Place in the Orchard
We have created a controlled multi-sensory environment (MSE) based on best practices of therapists for our campers who need a calm, tranquil environment.

We have found it most useful with campers with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other developmental disabilities who may be over-wrought by outside stimulation or at bed-time for those who find it difficult to settle down for the night.

Explore Different Senses
This soothing place in which a camper can explore stimuli to various senses, using lighting effects, color, sounds, music, scents, and a range of tactile stimuli in the gentle care of one of our senior counselors.

We have been delighted with our success, and campers typically become calm within minutes and are asleep shortly thereafter.

Importantly, we employ the same non-structured approach that marks our entire program, where the activity itself is entirely controlled by the camper himself/herself, rather than the counselor. Campers can focus on a single sense or choose a multisensory experience. This very factor of giving control to our camper is calming and reassuring. This non-structured approach enhances camper freedom and maximizes his or her comfort and pleasure, promotes relaxation and reduces anxiety and the need to shut out the outside world. Campers typically find the Space to be both comforting and fun.

Benefits of Sensory Space Time
The process allows our campers to focus their attention, form intentions and engage in satisfying activities, thereby improving communication and well-being. It does not rely on verbal communication and is therefore especially effective for campers with profound autism who are normally difficult or impossible to reach.

Our Space has other benefits at bed-time, as it also allows other campers to go to sleep undisturbed by the occasional anxious and agitated camper who would otherwise be disruptive.

Located in sheltered Bob’s Orchard between our garden and Arts and Crafts Building, it is equipped with carpets and pillows of different materials, soft toys, interesting visual effects, essential oil diffuser for aromatherapy, and a range of well-chosen soothing music.

Archery Range

From Robin Hood and Agincourt to Boulder Creek and Camp Krem, the great tradition of archery encourages eye-hand coordination and provides campers with a genuine sense of accomplishment and self-confidence.

Facility Rental

Camp Krem Boulder Creek is not available to rent as we rebuild. If you are interested in renting a space, please check out our Camp Krem Yosemite location.

To inquire about renting the facilities, please email: