COVID-19 Safety at Camp Krem

The health and safety of our campers and staff is of the utmost importance to us, and we will have multiple precautions in place to ensure we have a safe summer. Please review the information below to learn about our COVID-19 policies. Please note that updates may be made, and policies are subject to change, based on further guidance from health officials and changing circumstances.

    • Vaccination Requirements: All campers and staff must have an up to date COVID-19 vaccination status, including booster shots, if eligible. Our full Immunization Policy can be found here.
    • Pre-Arrival Testing – Year-Round Respite Program: Prior to arrival, campers and staff will be required to complete COVID tests and submit proof of negative test(s).
      • We ask that people take extra precautions (avoid large gatherings, mask when indoors, and maintain social distancing as much as possible) between getting their pre-arrival test and coming to Camp, to avoid exposure during this time.
      • Testing options:
        Please note that it is the responsibility of the camper parent/guardian to ensure that the testing is completed and proof of negative results submitted at the required time(s). Failure to submit test results within the required timeframe will result in the camper being unable to attend, for the health and safety of our other participants.

        • A laboratory diagnostic test, preferably a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test (however, any diagnostic test will suffice — it does not have to be a PCR test, and antigen tests will be accepted) within 96 hours of arriving at Camp Krem. Please contact your healthcare provider, or click here to find a community testing site near you, to schedule this; OR
        • Two (2) at-home COVID tests in the days leading up to your camper’s session (specific dates for testing will be provided for each session/program).
    • Pre-Arrival Testing – Summer Camp: Prior to arrival, all campers and staff will be required to complete COVID tests and submit proof of negative test(s). We are consulting with experts to finalize our pre-arrival testing protocol, and will update this page as soon as possible.
    • Pre-Arrival Screening:
      Campers: Prior to each Summer Camp session, our Health Center staff will conduct an over the phone pre-arrival screening, when they call camper families to do the usual review of medical information.
      Staff: We will be conducting a pre-arrival health screening prior to staff’s arrival to Camp for Staff Orientation.
    • Arrival Screening & Testing:
      Campers: On arrival day (for Summer Camp and Year-Round Programs), all campers will receive a COVID test, as well as an arrival screening, when they arrive for check in. This will take place at the bus stop, or at Camp Krem Yosemite in the case of parent drop-off. Once campers have been screened, they will be officially checked in and ready to begin their session/event! Please be aware that a positive test will result in the individual being turned away and unable to attend that session/event, and we will work with you to schedule a future session/event at a later date.
      Staff: Staff will do a COVID test when they arrive for Orientation, and will be tested again each session.
    • Additional Testing: Campers and Staff: We will do at least one (possibly two — depending on latest guidance from Health Department, CDC and American Camp Association) routine tests during the Summer session, to ensure that if somebody was exposed between getting their pre-arrival test and coming to Camp, we are able to identify, and isolate, early. We will have bulk tests on-site, so we can test immediately any time anyone exhibits possible COVID-19 symptoms.
    • Cohorts: Summer Camp: Each cabin will be its own cohort. If somebody from a cabin group does exhibit any symptoms that could be COVID-19, we can immediately isolate that cabin group from the rest of camp, until we rule out COVID-19. If isolated, cabin groups will still be able to enjoy camp activities, however we will schedule things so that they are at each activity with their cohort group only, and not intermingling with the rest of camp. Year-Round Respite Program: As our YRRP events are on a much smaller scale, the group as a whole will be considered a single cohort, as everyone attending has tested negative for COVID-19 with their pre-arrival and arrival day tests.
    • Masking: Summer Camp: Masks will not be required outdoors, with cabin cohorts, or during mealtimes. Following the CDC’s recent guidance, masks will be worn inside main activity buildings such as the costume closet and Arts & Crafts building, and when moving about the dining hall. Please send your camper with an adequate supply of KN-95 masks for the duration of the session. We will have extra masks on hand. Please be sure to communicate with your camper’s Counselors if they will require assistance or reminders with masking.
    • Activities: We will be holding camp activities outdoors as much as possible. The only times campers will be indoors will be in their cabin (with their cohort, unmasked), the dining hall (see below), and in a few activity areas such as the costume closet (one cabin group at a time) and Arts & Crafts (masked).
    • Mealtimes: Our dining hall will be equipped with HEPA filters, and will have a lot of ventilation and air flow. We also have two outdoor patios for campers to eat meals, and will spread cabin groups out to reduce the number of people inside during meals. Masks will be required moving around the dining hall, and can be removed upon sitting down at a table for a meal.
    • Enhanced sanitation: We will be using hospital-grade sanitizers and disinfectants, and in addition to the usual cleaning, will have staff doing ongoing extra disinfection of bathrooms, equipment, and high touch areas including door handles, railings, light switches etc.
    • Hand Washing: Campers and staff will be encouraged to wash hands regularly, above and beyond “usual” hand washing. In addition, there are hand sanitizer dispensers located all over Camp, as a supplementary precaution, not as a replacement for hand washing.
    • Staff Precautions Off Work: Staff are expected to make COVID-safe choices in their time off, with regard to masking and social distancing. We ask that our staff avoid crowded indoor places and gatherings, for the safety of our campers, for the duration of their employment.


We continue to keep up with the latest COVID developments, including following all the recent guidelines from local, state and federal authorities, as well as the American Camp Association. Camp Krem is doing more than is “required”, and our protocol more stringent, as it is extremely important to us to keep our campers safe. Operating in-person Camp during the COVID-19 pandemic comes with inherent risks, however we will do all we can to mitigate these risks and keep our camp community healthy.

Thank you for your understanding, and your cooperation in helping us ensure our campers and staff are as safe as possible, while still maintaining the “magic” of Camp!