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Why Camping? Because Mother Nature is there!

Reconnecting Children and Nature
Research indicates that one of the best antidotes to a stressful lifestyle is to spend time in natural settings outdoors. Children who spend time outdoors are likely to be:

· happier
· healthier
· smarter
· more cooperative
· better problem solvers
· more creative

Why are so many kids obese, stressed and indifferent?
Our kids are out of shape, tuned out and stressed out, because they’re missing something essential to their health and development: connection to the natural world.

Nature provides benefits to our mental health and our physical health
Nature is good for us and has both long and short term mental and physical health benefits.

Nature calms and heals the human body and mind

  • City dwellers are more likely to suffer from mood and anxiety disorders as well as schizophrenia than those living in more rural environments
  • People who grew up in an urban environment may have a greater sensitivity to stress
  • A wealth of research points to the calming and healing effects of nature on the human body and mind

An MD routinely prescribes nature for mental and physical health on TEDx.

Resource Center

Welcome to Our Developmental Disabilities Resource Center

It is our mission here at Camping Unlimited to help us all live happier, healthier lives and be the best that we can be, each in our own unique lives! That’s what our summer camp and year-round programs are meant to do – help us achieve that mission through recreational programs of fun and adventure. The problem is, we can’t all be at camp all the time. That’s why we’ve created this resource center – so that we can help you all the time, not just when you’re at camp. Out there in the world, it can be hard sometimes to find the resources you need. It’s always nice to have a friendly, helping hand to give you trustworthy information. That’s what this Resource Center is all about, lending you that helping hand. Please enjoy the articles and resources below, and please don’t hesitate to contact us here. Thank you!

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