Travel Camp

Travel Camp offers the experience of camp life on the road, taking campers to some of the most beautiful and inspiring places California has to offer.

Campers will visit places further afield to see and learn interesting new things. Visiting regional, state and national parks are high on the list and will not disappoint.

Travel Campers spend the first night of camp at Main Camp and then hit the road for a session of sightseeing and adventure. Travel Campers sleep under the stars (weather permitting) on sleeping mats. Travel Camp is a cooperative team environment in which the campers enjoy pitching in with cooking, clean up, vehicle packing, etc. Travel Camp is for campers aged 13 and up. Campers need to meet the following criteria:

  • Excellent at listening and following directions
  • Demonstrates appropriate behavior in community settings
  • No tendencies to wander
Travel Camp 2017 Destinations
Session 1: Come start off the summer with us at Big Bear Lake. Nestled in the San Bernardino Mountains, this destination will be sure to keep you cool in the summer heat. Aside from enjoying the majestic blue waters we will also be going on hikes throughout the region and checking out some amazing vistas that many of the surrounding mountains have to offer!
Session 2: Our West Yosemite Trip will focus on being up and active! We will visit all of the iconic destinations that one could expect from this magical place. From swimming in rivers and waterfalls to hiking in beautiful meadows and springs, this session will be one for the books.
Session 3: Want a good way to spend the 4th of July but also get some relaxation in? Come on Session 3 to North Lake Tahoe! We will be spending the majority of our trip enjoying the many beautiful beaches the Lake Tahoe area has to offer and checking out the local shops!  On the 4th, we will be spending the day playing on Donner Lake and cooking out at a lake house. Later that night, we will be able to catch one of the best fireworks shows in the surrounding area!
Session 4: Want to hike up a volcano and experience an on-lake water park at the base of Mt. Shasta? This trip is for you! We will be visiting Lassen Volcanic National Park and seeing all the majestic beauty of this unique volcanic gem. From Sulphur Pits to breath-taking vistas, this destination is sure to be a hit for any nature enthusiast. Aside from the time in the park, we will also be going to a water park at Lake Siskiyou to escape the heat and have some fun!
Session 5: Want to go see Yosemite but having a relaxing escape at the same time? Come join us for our East Yosemite trip! We will be staying near the Mammoth Lake region for this session, offering us the best of this region plus everything Yosemite has to offer. Focusing more on light hikes, sun bathing, and beach days this session will be for those who want to see Yosemite but still relax in the sun.

Session 6: Last but definitely not least is our South Lake Tahoe trip. We will still go to and enjoy many of the beaches and shops that we visited on our North Lake Tahoe trip. However, instead of having a lakeside holiday extravaganza, we will be going white water rafting! Once you add in all of the beautiful hikes we will be going on, this is going to be a spectacular way to end the summer.

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