Happy Halloween From Camp Krem

We started the weekend off with a pumpkin carving competition.

Each cabin group had a pumpkin to design and carve. Everyone had a chance to get creative and work as a team. The end results were great!

Each group got to display the jack–o‘-lantern they had made.

After carving pumpkins and having dinner, we put on our pj’s, made some popcorn and gathered round to watch a Halloween movie!
Saturday was full of fun, crafts and baking.

We were busy all day working on Halloween crafts. We made all kinds of things, from toilet roll mummies to rice skeletons, from paper plate bats to paper plate cats! As well as, of course, some pumpkin crafts. Jess and Jess, two of our counselors, taught us a fun new repeat-after-me song about pumpkins, too.

Halloween Treats!
As well as getting crafty, we also had a great time making all kinds of Halloween goodies for dessert. We made disgusting yet delicious “band-aids” (graham crackers, cream cheese & jam), “teeth” (with apples & mini-marshmallows) “graveyard dirt pudding” and “witches potion”. Definitely not for the faint of heart!

We were lucky enough to have the rain stop and the sun come out for a few hours, so we squeezed in a ‘haunted hike’ on our trails.
After dinner and dessert, it was time to don our costumes for a Halloween dance party and costume contest!
There were some terrific Halloween costumes – kudos to everyone for their costume creativity! Each camper went up on stage to show off their costume. We danced the night away to some Halloween classics, before finishing off the night with an award for each costume.

On Sunday, we did face painting, some more hiking, played some games and did a few more crafts before heading home.

Thanks to everybody who came for making it such a fun and memorable weekend! We can’t wait til next Halloween!