Our beloved camper Zayla Angelina Nunez Boes would have been 25 on October 10 of this year. We mourn her passing.

In her memory, nine wonderful and generous members of her family spent an energetic weekend at Camp Krem Yosemite as volunteers. They accomplished many things to support our program. The weekend was organized by her grandparents Ed and “Nana” Vicki Boes, who were joined by Zayla’s father Shawn Fitzgerald (first to arrive and last to leave), Zayla’s Aunt Jeni and Uncle Paul, her Auntie AJ and her 8-year old Cousin Amelia, as well as Shawn’s sister Aunt Carrie Fitzgerald and her husband Uncle Gavin. We enjoyed their company greatly and were mightily impressed by the energy and good cheer they brought to us.

These good people did much to help and (we hope) enjoyed themselves as much as we enjoyed having them with us.

Perhaps we will enjoy a Zay Day 2024. Until then, they have our gratitude and sympathy for their loss. Still, Zayla remains safe and loved in our memories.