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Enriching the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities in a supportive outdoor atmosphere of acceptance, fun and adventure!

For more than half a century, we have provided children and adults with developmental disabilities a full program of recreation, education, fun and adventure.

We offer Summer Camp and a Year-Round Respite Program.

Our outdoor enrichment camp programs, activities and adventures are unmatched.

We proudly work with people with all developmental disabilities.

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Summer Camp Programs

Main Camp
Outdoor Adventure Camp
Travel Camp

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Year Round Programs

We have something nearly every weekend of the year!
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We have something nearly every weekend of the year!

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Gardening as Recreation and Therapy

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Therapeutic Animals

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Music Therapy

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Camp Krem News

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Happy Campers Found Here!


“Our daughter Sarah had another wonderful and exciting 10 days at Camp! I can’t tell you what it meant for me to be able to bring my daughter Sam to Camp Krem. She had so much fun! Everyone was fantastic and helpful when we arrived, and Sam was positively giddy when I picked her up. This was a real milestone for us, and it has given me huge relief. We will definitely be back next year!”
– Lisa W.

“Julia has had wonderful experiences at Camp Krem and we see significant growth every time she returns.”
– Stephen and Barbara W.

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Our Creed

To give exceptional people an opportunity to be themselves.

Alex A. Krem (May 16, 1957)

To create opportunities for campers to grow socially, emotionally, and intellectually by encouraging them to make their own decisions as to activity and interest.

Alex A. Krem (May 16, 1957)

To give campers an opportunity to make friends with persons outside their immediate circle.

Alex A. Krem (May 16, 1957)

To allow campers to get away from deadlines of learning and working programs of endless repetition which have chained their development to the limited confines of such programs.

Alex A. Krem (May 16, 1957)

To provide a warm, friendly atmosphere of planned permissiveness, where the growth of each individual involved is at his or her own rate, and is of the utmost importance.

Alex A. Krem (May 16, 1957)

To offer the campers a meaningful change of pace, which will allow them to find the level at which they function best.

Alex A. Krem (May 16, 1957)

To provide people with disabilities the opportunity to “unwind” and to have fun on their own, independent of confining pressures and arbitrarily-imposed standards.

Alex A. Krem (May 16, 1957)

To help participants develop a sense of self-esteem and belonging to a group which they can truly call their own.

Alex A. Krem (May 16, 1957)

To open up to people with disabilities a totally new world of discoveries, adventures, and learning which they never suspected existed, and never would know, were it not for our type of program.

Alex A. Krem (May 16, 1957)
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