Camp Krem recently had the honor of receiving a 2019 Be the Difference Award! Our camp was recognized for it’s continued dedication to campers as well as for keeping the spirit of volunteerism alive!

Here is what they had to say about us, as well as a link to a video the : “Camping Unlimited for the Developmentally Disabled established Camp Krem in 1957 to provide fun, adventure, and independence for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. They have served 46,000 children and adults in the last 62 years. Camp Krem offers “Main Camp” where campers stay in cabins and enjoy swimming, song, dance theater and crafting, and “Outdoor Adventure Camp” where their small fleet of vans take participants backpacking to sleep in tipis or under the stars, cook by campfire and hike across the state. Camp Krem relies on an army of volunteers acting as counselors, nurses, maintenance people, marketers, recruiters, trainers and more.”

Volunteer Center of Santa Cruz put together a video highlighting our camp: