Strawberry Fields Forever!

Our visit to Swanton Berry Farm had us getting our hands dirty! The wind was strong, but that wasn’t going to stop anybody. Campers took to the fields, hunting for the best strawberries they could find.

Our only goal: RED! Everyone had their own basket to fill and by the end of day we had collected a huge box full of strawberries!  Once we got back to camp, we washed our harvest and used them to make some delicious fruit smoothies for dessert that night. Though, of course, we snacked on them the entire way home first!

Making Friends

Robert made some friends and gave them a few tips he discovered while out in the fields.

Everyone had a great time picking the freshest organic strawberries we’ve ever tasted and we thoroughly enjoyed our picnic lunch. After lunch, it was wonderful making new friends and checking out the Swanton Berry Farms little store.

A few of us were so tired after our busy day, it was time for a well deserved nap when we got back to Camp!

Fun on the Hill

As much fun as we have out in the community, we love being at camp and taking in all it has to offer. Chuck and Chalew hiked up to Manzanita Grove. Chalew learned about all of the wildlife at camp like raccoons, bats, squirrels, spiders, and even mountain lions! Back at main camp, the rest of us used chalk to decorate the freshly paved black-top outside the John Luchesse Center/Mess Hall.

We watched a movie together that evening after dinner, then had an early night so we were well-rested for the Oakland A’s Game on Sunday!

Take me out to the Ball Game

The fun didn’t stop all day on Sunday! Our campers and staff, many of whom were decked out in A’s gear, cheered the A’s to victory and soaked up the atmosphere! A great time was had by all.