Kaylo, one of Camp Krem’s 2017 summer counselor and now a junior studying engineering at Columbia University, has just completed a brutal and astounding five day, 243 mile non-stop run through the deserts, canyons and mountains of Utah – the longest trail race in the country with total elevation gain of 29,467’. The Moab 200 course traverses two mountain ranges, numerous canyons, and slide rock areas with daytime temperatures in the high 90s and below freezing at night. It took Kaylo 116 hours to complete the race. Whew. Almost as grueling as being a counselor at Camp Krem!

Why? To raise money for children and families without access to adequate food and shelter in rural Nicaragua. Take a look at his charity page. His efforts will build a house for a family that had none. Kaylo will soon be featured at a TEDx event on December 7th.

Way to go, Kaylo! We are proud to know you.