A great trip to Mt. Tam

Fun was had by all on our day trip to Mt. Tamalpais! The views were breathtaking as we got to the top of the mountain and we were above the clouds!

Our day started with a hike on the Verna Dunshee Loop Trail.

The Verna Dunshee trail is a beautiful, easy hike on a paved pathway and gave us amazing views of the Bay Area. We loved stopping at the lookout platforms along the way.

We enjoyed our lunch at a picnic area next to the Gravity Car Barn.

After eating lunch, it was great meeting the wonderful volunteers from Friends of Mt. Tam, who had lots of interesting things to tell us about Mt. Tamalpais and the history of the Gravity Car, which they let us take a ride in!

Next, it was off to the East Peak Visitor Center!

We browsed the selection of souvenirs and maps, checked out the wild animal diorama and had a little rest before the next leg of our adventure.

The Fire Lookout Tower

The hike up to the very top of the mountain (2571 ft. elevation) was well worth it for the incredible view! What a great spot to sit and relax with friends!

Our busy day ended with an ice-cream cone – a well deserved treat for our intrepid group! Thanks to everyone who joined us and made it such a fun day!