Dear Friends & Supporters,

We are heartbroken to report we received word that our precious Camp Krem is no longer standing. As of yet, we do not have all the specific details. We are told there is not much left, but still await an official notice from Cal Fire telling us it is safe to return and access the damage. This could take days or weeks. We suspect it will still feel surreal until we are able to see it with our own eyes.

This was difficult news to receive and even more difficult to share. We know there are so many people who, like us, have loved and cherished our beautiful property for decades. So many people have poured their heart and soul into making Camp Krem the wonderful place it was. Countless individuals who have given Camp Krem their blood, sweat and tears over the last 63 years. To all of you, thank you.

During this difficult time, we must remember that Camp Krem is not just the buildings that sat atop our beautiful mountain. It is so much more than that. Camp Krem is the spirit of Alex Krem Sr., of those who worked alongside him and all those who have come after him. It is our philosophies, our friendships and our community.

We do not know exactly what the future holds for our program, it is too early to tell, but we know that we will move forward! We remain dedicated to our mission and pledged to continue as soon as safety allows. For now, we are simply grateful that our people and animals are safe. We will share more with you as we are able.

We still don’t know the full condition of our property, or what might be salvaged. We have seen a few photos, which really makes it hit home what we lost. Soon, we hope, we will be able to clear the fire damage and begin the long, but exciting, process of rebuilding. You can help support these efforts in person, when the time comes, or financially, if you feel called to donate. We would be grateful. Donations can be made directly to Camp here. These direct donations are more effective than a crowd sourced campaign, as more of the donation actually reaches us.

We will continue to share news with you as it comes to us. In the meanwhile, thank you all for being part of our wonderful family. It is for you that we exist.

Once again, our deepest gratitude to all those on the frontlines fighting this fire and working hard to protect our communities.

Our warmest regards,
Christina, Layla, Alex, Rebekah, Emily, Gail, Leon & Kenneth